Delafield Auto Specialists LLC

Paint Protection Film (PPF) & Nan-Ceramic Window Tint

  • STEK DynoShield  PPF (10 Year Warranty)

  • Partial and Full Front End Wraps

  • Ala-carte - Bumpers, Fenders, Mirrors

  • Multiple Colors & Patterns

  • Custom Plotted Wrapped Patterns

  • Nano Ceramic Window Tint


Ceramic Coatings & Paint Correction

  • Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings (up to 9 yr protection)

  • Paint Correction & Detailing Services

  • Glass Coatings

  • Paint Chip Repair

  • Appraisals, and Car Sale Preparation.





Delafield Auto Specialists LLC is home to professional detailers and car enthusiasts working together in a state of the art new facility to provide a broad range of services for any type of vehicle owned.  We are also a certified installer for GTECHNIQ line of ceramic coating products and STEK Paint Protection Films and Nano Ceramic Window Tint.  Contact us for an appointment or to discuss your individual needs.

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710 Milwaukee Street

Delafield, WI 53018


262 424-5849